Get Involved

Get Involved

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Why Should You Get Involved?

Getting involved is a good way to step up and learn how to become a leader. We will teach you how to branch out to
connect with your community and grow your network because you're going to have to learn how to do that in the
future anyway.


Registered members will receive volunteer credit for attending a meeting or participating in a project. Please log the times, email a PDF version of your volunteer form to our email in the first week of every month, and we will sign off on those hours for you.

School Reps

A school representative is needed to help us reach a larger audience of students in high school. You will be asked to create a club at your school to deliver information and updates from our nonprofit to your members. The more people that are involved, the bigger the impact we can make.


The committee is a team of students that research, organize, execute, and publicize our projects to the rest of our members. This position requires strong project planning and managing skills as well as organizational abilities. We will count on this team to carry out our monthly projects.


A director is a position that requires both communication and network skills, simple technology/social media ability, and future idea planning. You will need to be able to help manage the website and social media platforms, line up future guest speakers, organize upcoming monthly projects, and plan other background work for each month.