The Secretary is in charge of keeping meeting minutes for webinars and intra-team meetings, uploading the webinar meeting minutes onto the website, creating an agenda for each meeting, and sending out meeting notes to everyone after meetings. They are also in charge of helping the board as needed.

Technology Officer / Website Creator

The Technology Officer / Website Creator is in charge of keeping the website updated and ensures that the site is functioning correctly. They are also to delegate tasks to their respective committee as well as helping the board as needed.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is in charge of publicizing all events on instagram, Linkedin, and other forms of social media as well as creating posters and pamphlets to publicize the non-profit as a whole. They are also responsible for creating any necessary graphics for the website, delegating tasks to their respective committee, and are to help the board as needed.

Media Director

The Media Director is in charge of creating short videos covering smaller topics and delegating their videos to their respective committee. They also are responsible for helping the board as needed.